About Us

For decades, the greatest songwriters, arrangers, musicians, and vocalists were sought out by record executives in order to craft the classic hits that still play on the radio today. Musicianship was valuable, collaboration was critical, great songs were the foundation of a career, and recording a hit song was an achievable goal. Our BlackSleeve platform resurrects those glory days of record production and creates a new music industry for the Internet generation.

BlackSleeve seeks to answer the question every independent musician asks: what can I actually buy with my "Likes," "Views," and "Shares"? While social media accolades are encouraging and respected, they don't pay the bills.

Our mission is to provide an engaging entertainment experience for everyone who enjoys music and an opportunity for musicians and vocalists to earn money for their talents.

The founders of BlackSleeve are leveraging their 100 years of collective experience in record, television, music, and technology businesses to launch a new platform where songwriters, musicians, and vocalists can work together to monetize their individual talents, gain celebrity status, and further their journey within the world of music.

By becoming a member of BlackSleeve you enter a world where every level of musician is welcome, musical careers can flourish, and new rewards are achievable. Whether you write songs, play an instrument, sing, or have a band, this is the place to take your passion for music and put it to the test. The best will rise to the top and earn real money.

Not a musician, but you enjoy music and entertainment? You are just as much a part of BlackSleeve as our artists. In fact, you choose the stars. Download BlackSleeve from the App Store and vote for the best songs, choose the best performances, create your fantasy band, and be part of crafting a hit song... every week! You can even sing your own version and share it online with your friends and family.