Festival/Event Apps

Engage Fans Before, During, And After Events

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Engage Through Games

Fans Spend Significant Time Per Day Playing In-App Games

Activate Brands

Connect In-App Games to Live Brand Activations (Virtual Meets Reality)

Leverage App Audience

Roll Captured Audience into Future Event Goers. Extend Events into Year-Round Participation.


BlackSleeve's Events App Platform give brands and events a means to deeply engage their audience and fans.

  • Games are an effective way to engage your audience, especially when tied to incentives such as tickets, VIP passes, baskstage access, meet&greets, etc.

  • Challenges are a great means of coupling user engagement with a meaningful outcome. Using BSM's built-in Challenge platform allows brands and events to drive users to specific actions.

  • BSM's App Platform is ideally suited for deep sponsor exposure and brand awareness. With engagement times in the 10's of minutes per day per user (typically 25-30), sponsors can get the exposure durations they long for.

  • Push notifications are a necessity for apps of this type. Perfect for communicating offers and time sensitive information, they are also perfect for events like festivals, where letting people know what's going on thoughout the event is critical. Awareness for on-property happenings, such as live brand activations and improptu guest appearances, are great examples, but also severe weather and public safety announcements are vital to live events.

  • Knowing where everything is during an event can be daunting for any attendee. Even static maps can be difficult. BSM's platform allows events to use GPS accurate maps of their custom graphically designed layout. We will point your guests to exactly where they want to go and how far it is from them, and we will guide them directly to everything you have for them at your location.