Install for Mac!

Updated: 6/26/2024 Version: 26.0 Build 1 Mac

This Mac version of the CHEER Official 3D app does not support in-app purchases. If you want to purchase CHEER Coins, Avatars, or subscribe to Premier Membership, you need to close the Mac App and make the purchase on your mobile device using the same username. Then close your mobile device and re-open the Mac app and your purchases will show up!

To Install:
1. Click on the button above to download the .zip file.
2. Go to you downloads folder on your Mac and double-click on the file.
3. Right-Click on the CHEER and select open. Then select Open Anyway.

This app is from us here at BlackSleeve Media, and is provided so you can enjoy the app on your older Mac. If you have a newer Mac (with an M1 Chip or higher) you can get the app from your Mac App Store.

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